2015 Annual Report

Annual Report

EVERYTHING about First Assembly of God is about reaching people. Of course, then, First Assembly
Care Facilities is a ministry about reaching people with a few more years on them. Hundreds every year
are being reached with the Good news of salvation; Pastor Valkanet was telling me today about the many
who are accepting Christ as Savior. The same thing is happening in all our facilities. Our workers are
doing between 61 and 68 services every week in 44 different facilities, with an average weekly
attendance in 2015 of 1168 people. We cannot count accurately but we estimate between 3 and 400
salvations in the year. We know, for a fact, that many who are coming to Christ are really growing in the
Lord. I did a funeral last year for a woman who accepted Jesus as her savior and attended faithfully ever
week for several years. I found out that before she came to our church at her facility she had not been in
a church for 50 years. But He changed her life!
The hard part of the ministry for many of our workers is becoming a church family with those we minister
to. I mean, it is a joy to see them saved and getting closer to God with life changing results, but many are
close to the end of life when they come to us, and it is hard for us to say goodbye to family. This year
(2015) I have personally lost some outstanding people who have been with us for a long time: Mr. Frank
Day was saved in our meetings 10 years ago and right to the end he would say to me, every week, “I
wish we could get more people to come to these meetings”. He spoke his testimony on our platform at
First Assembly 9 years ago when Care Facilities ministry was featured in a service; Then Betty Monnett
passed away, who was saved in our meeting at her facility 8 years ago and grew in Christ to the point of
becoming a member of First Assembly; Then Robert Stucki was saved in our meetings, met a woman at
our meetings, and I had the honor of marrying them. The special thing about them is that they became
part of our Care Facilities ministry team, leading meetings in 2 facilities; another special lady was Olivia
Meinholt, my wife’s mother. She lived at one of the facilities where we ministered every week and was a
witness there, passing out hundreds of “SMILE, JESUS LOVES YOU” tracts.
When Pastor Valkanet was talking to me about the salvations, he reminded me of the obvious strength of
this ministry: it will always be a “revolving door ministry”. Every facility operates on a census, trying to
keep the number of beds they are allowed to have, full. When people pass they bring new people in as
fast as they can. When our dear ones leave us we share the joy of their salvation while God gives us new
people to reach with His Gospel.
As I was visiting at one of the facilities, where one of our teams ministers every week, the head nurse of
that unit stopped to speak to us. Her message was one of gratitude to First Assembly for sending a
ministry team to work with their people. She expressed her observance of how it is affecting the quality of
life in some of the residents. Our service visibly improves the demeanor of those who attend, they actively
participate and enjoy the time spent with them; of course we know that the ministry is life changing and
has eternal value.
The PRAYER SHAWL MINISTRY of Care Facilities is continuing to bless the lives of many unexpectedly.
They usually come as a surprise to people deemed by our leaders to have special need. They are
presented as a point of contact, for their faith to rise up and touch God through their need. We give a
great big thank you to the many who are giving their time and talent to prayerfully make these beautiful
lap blankets (prayer shawls). You are blessing many families with your loving gifts.
Also, a great big thank you to all our Workers who are being Lay Pastors to many who are hungry for
fellowship with God and His people. Be encouraged, “be not weary in well doing, for in due time you will
reap!” (Galatians 6:9)
Thank you FIRST ASSEMBLY for sending us out into the Harvest
Gratefully submitted by Pastor Bruce Plummer